PES 2016 PesKopuz Patch v0.1 by Erolkopuz

PES 2016 PesKopuz Patch v0.1 by Erolkopuz

Download PES 2016 PesKopuz Patch v0.1 by Erolkopuz (Only Turkish)


Premier League a full license (unlicensed teams in some other form)
(75% overall licensing process is finished)
Secondteam all fake, logos and names of the tournament.
Turkey national team our full licenses. (Now there’s only Arda Turan’s face)
Game transfers in general was 95%.

Note: The next release plans:
1- Generic license and fake player names (we will correct as soon as 1 week)
2 Super League team and spreads (15-16 season after the DLC packs)
3-Everything will be done according to the structure of the game and play without disturbing the original. (bad graphics or addition to being unnecessary things)

Important Note: The new versions will be developed at short intervals package.


PASSWORD  :  erolkopuz


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